Creation is the business I am employed in.  Although I run the gamut of tools to turn imagination into reality, the creative power of my mind is the driving force behind my work.  Whether it be my own ideas, creations inspired by others, designs of my peers, or a collaborative production, my love of the creative process is what fuels my passion for imaginative work.  As I began my career path, I tried to perceive my work through a three word mantra: Design, Energy, Motion.

Design: The structuring of elements into a cohesive design is a crucial part of our existence.  Design brings order from chaos, definition from ambiguity, peace from turmoil.

Energy: Every sensory experience that we are exposed to evokes an emotional impact within the beholder.  It is essential that the underlying elements be imbued with the correct proportions, materials, and hues, so that it successfully and responsibly fulfills its purpose.

Motion: Time is always in motion.  Solutions that are reached during the present will not always stand the test of time.  There is always a better way to accomplish something, even if the necessary means to do so are not yet within our reach.  Adaptation and a course of continuing education are essential for success in our rapidly advancing world.

I seek after the best possible iteration of an imaginative idea, whether from myself, my clients, or my peers.  By witnessing the best of both individual and collaborative creations, I am constantly inspired to continue to seek after that which is just beyond the horizon.

As the youngest in a family comprised of mostly engineers, Brad Reynolds was doomed to be a nerd from birth.  Being exposed to a great deal of science fiction and fantasy as a child, and having a knack for artistic projects, he spent countless hours of his childhood imagining new worlds and creations.  With a gained interest in 3D applications as a teenager, Brad eventually wound up beginning his professional career as an industrial designer.  During this time he was able to see many of his ideas transformed into practical solutions for his clients and colleagues.


With a strong interest in 3D modeling, having studied it as a hobby for many years, he decided to pursue a master’s degree in animation and visual effects at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, California.  In addition to the artwork he creates, he enjoys playing the guitar, composing digital music, building (and sometimes blowing up) rockets in Kerbal Space Program, enjoying the serenity of nature, fly fishing with his father and brothers, and spending quality time with his wife and kids.